As a Renowned Company in Singapore We Provide All Kind of Hacking & Demolition services

Essentially, the idea behind demolishing a building is this: removing the support structure of the building will make all of what is above it come crashing down. The upper part of the building above the structure that is first demolished will subsequently fall on the lower part if it’s heavy enough. This will lead to a cycle of the upper sections falling over the lower ones one by one until the ground is reached.

To do this, demolition companies make use of explosives and blasting. It may be hard to believe but explosive demolition is actually the safe way to reduce a building to rubble especially when we’re dealing with a giant skyscraper. But the explosions just help to trigger or initiate the demolition process; it’s actually gravity that does the rest of the job.

Demolition companies will plant detonators and explosives in different sections of the building so that the building collapses entirely with gravity into a pile of rubble. This also makes the cleaning part sufficiently easier for the cleaning crews.

Hacking & Demolition Services in Singapore

The most common, in-demand hacking services in Singapore involve opening up living space and hacking down concrete divisions. This is pretty tricky as it stringently requires HDB-approved hacking contractors in Singapore who understand the structural integrity of the building.

Store Room Wall Hacking
Living Room Hacking
Kitchen Sink Support
Kitchen Stove Support
Demolition of False Ceiling

Others Hacking & Demolition Services

▸Hacking of Concrete Bathtub
▸Hacking of Living-room and Balcony (Tiles/Vinyl)
▸Hacking of Bedrooms (Tiles/Vinyl)
▸Hacking of Bathroom Vanity and Vanity Support
▸Hacking of floors & Walls
▸Demolition of Concrete, Hollow Blocks and Gypsum walls

Service Includes

▸Design and material fixing
▸Size and alignment fixing of modification
▸Material Purchase and delivery at home
▸Processing of material and assemble
▸Spot light holes at designated place (If required)
▸7 days service warranty included for any issue solving

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